Intrarti Orchestra

Performance: 18 June '13: Rosarte Children's Choir, Rosy Mastrosavva & Nikos Haliassas, musical directors | 17 July '13: Christos Tzifakis jazz flamenco trio | Flamenco dancers: Oscar de los Reyes, Eleni Yannopoulou | Nikos Haliassas, musical director | 8 December '13: Adam Simmons, sax and clarinets | George Kontrafouris, piano | Nikos Haliassas, musical director

Where: Veakeio Theatre, Piraeus | Piraeus Municipal Theatre

When: 18 June '13 | 17 July '13 | 8 December '14

The Intrarti Orchestra was founded in December 2000 in the context of a cultural program, subsidised by the European Union. Nikos Haliassas is the founder and its music director.

The orchestra ‘s repertoire moves across the spectrum of classical music, from the pre-classical period to the modern era. The Orchestra has given many concerts in Athens and in other Greek cities with great success, attracting favourable comments and reviews while collaborating with soloists such as Tatsis Apostolidis, Giorgos Demertzis, Dimitris Sgouros, George Petrou, Dimitris Gouzios, Sergiu Nastasa, Jenny Drivala and Mary Ellen Nesi, George Kontrafouris, Adam Simmons, among others, with choirs, such as the Choir of the Shorter College (Atlanta, USA) and the Rosarte Children’s Choir, with the Greek actors Stelios Mainas, Gerasimos Skiadaresis and Akis Sakellariou as well as with the Spanish flamenco dancers Joaquim Grillo and Oscar de los Reyes.
Furthermore, the orchestra has cooperated with the Athens Concert Hall in the context of the “Sunday Mornings at the Megaron” series, participating in 9 performances of the Magic Flute by W. A. Mozart in the ‘Alexandra Trianti’ hall. The Orchestra lays great emphasis on educational projects at the country’s primary schools in order to provide the opportunity to young children to come in contact with music, instruments and professional musicians.

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