A new, modern, dynamic and pioneering festival was born in Attica putting the city of Piraeus and the Saronic islands on the international cultural map. Supported by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports, as well as the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) Attica 2007–2013, and with music at its very heart, the festival favors the collaboration among artists from Greece and the rest of the world who will work in “symphony” to interpret masterpieces of the international classic and modern repertoire.

The goal is to establish a new international and interdisciplinary cultural institution in the region of Attica characterised by both high artistic quality and innovation, as well as to promote and exploit the unique historical and cultural heritage of Piraeus and the Saronic islands, encouraging at the same time the artistic creativity and the participation and cooperation of local communities in the cultural process. The festival aims to develop entertainment, education and existing infrastructures in the area, foster cultural activities in the daily life of citizens, create jobs and fuse culture from the world metropolises and from Greece towards its remote communities in order to inspire the mood for creativity, entertainment and art-focused education produced methodically with a view to aesthetics.

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