Ex Silentio

Performance: Savina Yannatou, voice | Ex Silentio early music ensemble

Where: Bratsera Hotel, Hydra

When: 28 September 2013

Ex Silentio was founded in 2001 by Dimitris Kountouras and Markellos Chryssikopoulos. Varying from two up to seven musicians, the ensemble is equally at home with late medieval, renaissance as well as with baroque repertoire while is providing contemporary music projects as well, often connected with early music. Being one of the few Greek ensembles specializing on early music and historical performance practice, Ex Silentio has given numerous concerts in several European countries like in Greece, Germany, Italy, Holland, Austria etc. The ensemble collaborates regularly with the mezzo soprano Theodora Baka and the counter tenor Nikos Spanos.

• Members
Dimitris Kountouras – recorder, flutes & musical direction
Elektra Miliadou – viela, viola da gamba & cello
Andreas Linos – viela & viola da gamba
Markellos Chryssikopoulos – harpsichord & organ
Thymios Atzakas – oud

• Guest musicians
Efren Lopez – medieval lute & hurdy gurdy
Eva Neunhauserer – viela
Periklis Liakakis – live electronics

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